A Mentorship Program & Chrysalis Community
The yearning you feel to share your sacred work in the world is vitally important. 

Now more than ever, the world needs the unique contribution of a woman of your depth, life experience and wisdom. There are those just waiting for the rare treasure, they can only receive through your wisdom and sacred work. 

And beyond that, is the gift you receive when you birth what’s yours to share in this life - your own rebirth as the woman you came here to be.
But the truth is …
You can’t do it alone. None of us can. Those who receive support, positive reflection and accountability from others are significantly more likely to keep going, follow through and create success.

Even if you’re currently unclear where you’re headed committing to yourself and your wisdom is catalytic. Once activated your birth process will begin to unfold.

Small shifts coupled with step by step action will get you to your destiny. If you don't start you can't get there.   
Even if you’re crystal clear where you’re headed, the synergy and support of birthing your work with community support takes much less effort and significantly increases your momentum and joy.

That’s why I created this one of a kind program. To offer the kind of support and guidance I was longing for on my own journey to birth my signature work.
Birth Your Wisdom & Prosper is for you if you...
  •  Are just beginning your journey, and you need guidance and support in recognizing your unique gifts and brilliance. 
  •  Have begun your journey, but have stalled out in bringing a bigger vision of your work into the world. 
  •  Want to get clear and focused on a new direction to success.
  •  Want to ground your process in the unparalleled support of the spiritual dimension of Life.
  •  Are willing to release fear and dissolve the obstacles keeping you stuck.
  •  Are Ready to root deeply in your wisdom and confidence.
  •  Are READY to cultivate your brilliance, create your offer, and take aligned action to finally live—and prosper from—your sacred work.
Here’s How the Program Works:
1. Our Virtual Community is rooted in our Private Facebook Group, which provides you 24-hour access to support, inspiration, positive reflection, and encouragement. 

You can ask questions and receive answers; get oriented to where you are in your birth process, and receive loving accountability to keep you engaged and taking aligned action. 

2. We deepen our connection in our monthly Virtual Circle where we tend and transform the roots of our challenges, doubts and fears.  

3. We harness the power of our collective intention to focus and take action on our next steps in our twice monthly Work Sessions.

4.You’ll have access to informative and inspiring monthly Teachings Sessions from myself and guest experts on key elements of birthing your work in the world and creating your aligned success. 

5.You’ll have access to my experience, wisdom, and transformational support in the Facebook Group, Virtual Circle, Teaching Calls and Work Sessions. 

6. The program is self-paced, which means you can work on it around your current schedule, from the comfort of your home or office. 
The Bottom Line is...
As a part of our community you’ll be supported through the inevitable doubts, fears, and crisis of confidence and initiations, which accompany this kind of big shift. 

This means we won’t let you stay down when you fall! 

We’re here to provide you with loving accountability and celebration as we rise together.

You’ll connect, collaborate, crowdsource, process and partner with other like-minded, wise, powerful, and motivated sisters. Women on the same life journey as you, right now. 

Who can’t wait to encourage, catalyze, and celebrate your step-by-step liberation and expression of your wisdom and gifts! 

These are women who all have a common intention and shared set of values, so you’ll never feel alone in your journey again.

All of this to ensure you make consistent progress toward birthing the wisdom, offerings, and programs you were born to deliver! 

Here’s what current members are saying about the program....
The Birth Your Wisdom & Prosper program is providing me a much needed container to settle into discovering and coming more fully into my life's work. The beginning assessments have enabled me to get clear of my next steps and the supportive accountability is helping make consistent progress. I can actually get stuff done. And I get to start with self nourishment. 

Joni offers a perfect balance of loving encouragement, wisdom, knowledge, direction and empathy.

~R. Waller Thompson, EdD, SEP
Prior to working with Joni I had a strong desire to change the focus of my business. I was having trouble distilling all my areas of expertise into offerings. Joni's supportive guidance led me to connect to my deep wisdom & the soul of my business. Joni helped me identify the practical next steps to begin anchoring my vision into reality."    

I’ve recognized to really do this I have to be more clear about my self care to keep the channels open to my deeper knowing. The group provides a helpful boost of energy.   
~ Bland Tyree, MSW

When I was first considering Birth Your Wisdom and Prosper I was hesitant because I was convinced I didn’t want a “business”.
Joni assured me Birth Your Wisdom and Prosper was really about giving me the tools, skills, habits and community support to birth my art in the form it seemed to be asking to be expressed.

Within weeks of pouring myself into the loving and inspiring structure of the program, I was able to share my art on a local TV interview on “Woman of the World”; I hired a marketing consultant to help me give my website a focus on art, which reflects who I am; and created a draft of my first blog post. These were big steps for me.

And I’m in awe of the power and transformative energy of our Working Sessions. 

~ Semerit Strachan

Join our growing Chrysalis Community and actively engage in the process and you will:
  • Jump in with both feet by taking our signature Foundation Assessments. You’ll gather, organize, and weave all your wisdom threads together into a cohesive whole that will guide the way in bringing your sacred work forward. 
  • Move out of overwhelm from all the possibilities, ideas, inspirations, and directions and into crystal clear focus and direction on each step to take along the way to reach your goals. 
  •  Dissolve old beliefs and stories that are keeping you stuck. 
  •  Cultivate unshakeable confidence in yourself and your work.
  •  Make steady, consistent progress toward birthing your work in a profitable and sustainable way.
  •  Magnetize powerful support and opportunities for sharing your work with those who need it most.
  •  Powerfully expand your reach and impact.
  •  Come together with other amazing, smart, and talented women who will share their expert wisdom and collaborate with you.
Because I’m so deeply committed to your sustainable success, if you join us you’ll also receive the following bonuses:
1. Sacred Money Archetypes Assessment™ and Coaching. 

The SMA approach is a popular and effective lens for understanding your unique approach to business and your relationship with money.
Whether you’re an Alchemist, Romantic, Nurturer, Celebrity, Maverick, Ruler, Accumulator or Connector, understanding your top three archetypes illuminates your strengths and gifts while pinpointing chronic financial trouble spots.  

The Sacred Money Archetype approach is a well-known and powerful model created by Master Coach Kendall SummerHawk and used by business coaches around the world to support their clients in optimizing their financial success.

Over the last three years as a certified SMA coach, I have further developed the use of the archetypes to include your personal pathway to business success rooted in your alignment and pleasure, in addition to healing the roots of chronic financial self-sabotage. 

Depending on the setting, clients around the world are investing anywhere from $497 for a taste of this ground-breaking work to over $4997 for the full transformational immersion. (In other words, this is a HUGE value, in itself.)

The Sacred Money Archetypes wisdom not only revealed specific strengths and weaknesses in my relationship with money, it illuminated fears and motivations hidden even from myself. Joni has a way of tuning into your barriers with deep understanding and compassion, paving the way for truly overcoming them. I thought I was getting help in becoming money-wise. What I actually received was a journey of profound self-discovery, financial empowerment and support. ~Maria Caruso
2. Access to the Birth Your Wisdom and Prosper Library.
Includes immediate access to expert teachings and resources on key aspects of birthing your life’s work and developing your business. Not only do these valuable resources support you in taking your next step, but the library also includes previously recorded Mentorship Circles to inspire and guide you even further. Access to this growing, one-of-a-kind collection of wisdom is valued at $697. 
If all of this speaks directly to your heart, you may be wondering how much a powerful program like this—one that includes an unprecedented level of support—is going to cost you. 

Let me ask you this: 

How much is it worth to you to stop settling in a job or career that doesn’t fulfill you? 

What would it mean to you to FINALLY gain total clarity around your unique contribution to our world, and how to profit from it in a deeply aligned way? 

What would it be like to say goodbye to the hamster wheel keeping you stuck … to the struggle and overwhelm … to the financial insecurity and constraints? 

Finally, how would it feel to be surrounded by an unbreakable circle of support by other women who can see you and your emerging brilliance even when you can’t? To receive guidance in taking inspired, effective action steps as you overcome the inner obstacles that have been holding you back? 

What would ALL of this be worth to you?

I think it’s invaluable!

Here’s what I want you to know: you don’t have to settle. 

I wholeheartedly believe, If you have the yearning for it, you’re already destined to share your wisdom and gifts in a potent and prosperous way. You’ll need to take aligned action to get there - but you CAN get there.

Our “chrysalis” community support is invaluable if you want to move beyond the struggle to actively birth your life’s work and share it in a sustainable and profitable way. 
THIS is your chance to become a cherished member of a community in which every woman plugs into her deepest Source of support.

The yearning you feel to share your sacred work in the world is deeply valuable and holy. 

So I would never want cost to be the barrier that keeps you from powerfully sharing your wisdom and gifts with the world and creating consistent, sustainable prosperity by doing so.
That’s why I’m committed to making it incredibly easy for you by offering membership in the Birth Your Wisdom and Prosper Program for just $77 per month.

To make it even better: you can join right now for FREE for 7 days! 

This way, you can get a feel for what you can expect from this program. If you love the experience, you’ll have nothing else to do—you’ll be billed $77 per month for as long as you’d like to stay following your 7-day trial.

If you decide it’s not right for you for any reason at all, whether it’s next week or in six months from now, just email our team at support@revolutionaryheart.com and you’ll never be billed again. 
I’ll bring my:
  •  Wisdom and experience gathered birthing my own signature work.
  •  20+ years of multidimensional transformation experience supporting women and men with accessing the true Source of their wisdom, power and prosperity.
  •  Keen visionary capacities to hold the big picture, understand your stage of signature work development, guide your next steps and identify potential business models or forms for your unique wisdom.
  •  Expert knowledge of the developmental process of birthing ourselves and our signature work.
  •  Passionate commitment to champion you and your wisdom.
  •  Expertise in growing your comfort with greater Visibility
  •  Connections with valuable resources in developing your business.
  •  Comprehensive knowledge and experience with addressing the most common obstacles we face as women in creating a positive partnership with money.  
Here’s what others have to say about working with Joni...
Joni is able to hear deeply and respond with penetrating truth. Her warm but fierce leadership has provided a springboard for me to take off in clarifying my work, my message, my next steps.

~ Susan Sandlin L. Ac. MSOM, E- RYT 500
Joni shows a path toward wholeness by being exquisitely powerful in and through her own vulnerability. She embodies courage and fortitude to initiate awakening in women that is deeply grounded in her own wisdom and experience of her Divine Self.    
~ Danna Clare, Enchanted Realism Artist and Guide
Joni supported me in recognizing and trusting my own wisdom, and bringing that out into my message and my work. 

~Lois Kniss Transformational Life Coach
Joni is a gifted group facilitator. She creates an incredibly safe space. She is completely present with whatever unfolds, offering her brilliant insight and holding us all with support and genuine love. 

~ Nicki Peasly, Writer and Teacher
Joni surprises you with the depth of her quiet observations, capturing the nuances of your essence and the unique sparks of your brilliance.   

~Maria A. Rodriguez Caruso, MSW, Founder Cour de Grace , LLC

It doesn’t matter your background or the form of your work.

You can use the deep yearning you feel inside of you to express your wisdom, share your unique gifts, and be of service to others.

You can enjoy the prosperity that comes from pursuing your passion and truly helping others.

And I can help you do it, with the same guidance, support, and loving structure that I’ve provided to other deep, wise, gifted women. 

So are you ready? 

Ready to birth your unique body of work, the same way I have, to create a grounded, sustainable business infrastructure that acts as the vehicle for you to expand your reach and impact, and enjoy freedom, time, and money?  

Register below to join us and get started right away. 

Remember, standing for you and your wisdom is MY life’s work. It is my calling to support women like you in recognizing, clarifying, and sharing your wisdom, power, and unique gifts with the world. 

Truth be told, this offer, this community, and this body of work were all born out of my own devotion and commitment to the Sacred Feminine. 

I have witnessed time and again in my work with women the holy nature of the Sacred Feminine emerging through the wisdom and gifts of women just like you. 

And I am passionate about activating, catalyzing, and supporting the birth of the incomparable Radiant Presence in each of us. 

You have nothing to lose by saying “yes,” so register below to join us, and get the support, accountability, and guidance that will increase your chances at creating the success you dream of.  

Your Membership Is Protected By My 30-Day "No Questions Asked" Guarantee
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P.S. Clearly, you’ve been yearning to birth a new form for your sacred work in the world, or you wouldn’t be here. 

THIS is your chance to be fully supported as you begin birthing it now

Will you take this opportunity to commit to yourself and the sacred wisdom you have to express? 

Register above now!
Frequently Asked Questions
What results should I expect?
A: To the extent you invest time and energy in the foundation assessments and resulting next steps you can expect to begin creating the first phase of your work within the first few months of the program. You can refine, deepen and expand your offerings from there.  
How much time will I need to commit?
A: Programming each month includes 3 hours of Work Sessions to take action on your next steps. It also includes a 1.5 hour each, Mentorship Circle and Teaching Call. You can attend all or none of these Live. The Mentorship and Teaching calls are recorded so you can listen at your convenience.

You can invest as much additional time working on your projects as you’d like. Right now the average for busy women with lots on her plate is 8 hours total per month. (This includes what’s offered as part of the program).
What if I’m unclear about what I want to create? Should I wait until I’m clear?
A: Birth Your Wisdom & Prosper is designed to help you get clear. The foundation assessments are designed to help you pull all of the threads of your wisdom together to create clarity and a focused direction. 
I struggle with too many ideas and possibilities for my work, will the program address this?
A: Yes, Birth Your Wisdom & Prosper is designed to support you in sifting through multiple ideas and directions so you can focus and take action on the seed, which is optimal to plant first. You don’t necessarily need to let go of any of your ideas. Some may be synthesized and others set aside for the optimal time. 

A key component of this program is cultivating a process of working and creating based in ease, empowerment and effectiveness. You will learn to manage an overflow of ideas like never before.
Will I get direct support from Joni?
A: You will have an opportunity to receive direct support from Joni during the Mentorship Circles. Joni also offers 1:1 sessions at a reduced rate for members who would like more intensive support.
How are Program Circles, Teaching Calls and Work Sessions held?
A: We meet virtually via Zoom.us. You can join us via computer, IPad or phone. Recordings are available for all Teaching and Mentorship Calls.
Do I have to join the FaceBook community?
A: It’s not required but it is recommended. Aside from our monthly Zoom calls it’s the primary way to connect to the community.  
Can I cancel my trial at any time?
A: Yes, if you decide the program is not right for you just contact support@revolutionaryheart.com to cancel your trial.
Can I cancel my membership at anytime? 
A: Yes, contact support@revolutionaryheart.com to cancel your membership at anytime. Your card will not be billed again.
Do I have to be present to participate in coaching calls?
A: No they will be recorded and permanently stored in the library.
Is this a business program?
A: Yes in part, BYWP addresses foundational business needs, practices and skills. When you reach the stage of requiring more advanced business development you only need ask to be referred to reputable resources.
Is this a personal development program?  
A: Yes in part, BYWP will support your personal growth to the extent it’s necessary to birth your unique wisdom into the world. Common areas of growth addressed: trusting yourself and your wisdom; challenges with visibility and freeing your voice; valuing your work; owning your authority and power; and self sabotage in your relationship with money.  
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Frequently Asked Questions
What results should I expect from taking this course?
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What results should I expect from taking this course?
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What results should I expect from taking this course?
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